A Final Target

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has set himself the task of getting into an A final before the end of the season. This is something that has eluded Eddie so far in his two races back, although he was in a position to start the B Final on his debut at Buckmore Park before spinning off.

"I have had many discussions with my manager about our targets for this season. I think my expectations are higher than his at the moment. I am used to winning so of course I want to be getting into the A Final now. Frankly I am disappointed with my performance so far this season."

Eddie's manager has somewhat more realistic goals for his son.

"What Edd must remember is that this is his first season back for well over two years and he is up against top competition. I think he has performed very well so far, despite what he thinks, and I don't think it is realistic for him to get into an A Final before Buckmore."

"Of course he wants to win and I'm sure that he expects a little too much of himself at times, but we have to be realistic. We are going to circuits that we have never been to before without testing so it will be difficult from here. Buckmore Park is a circuit that Eddie knows so I think we should expect to see him challenging from there on..."

Eddie next races at Birmingham on April 21st.