Disappointment at Clay

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The team’s poor run of form continued at Clay Pigeon as Eddie, Ian Wilson and the Deuchar clan limped home in 20th after a spin from Stephen and a poorly handling kart left them trailing.

As has become standard practice now the team elected to get their kart tested early in practice but even this didn’t sort the kart properly and put the team on their back foot.

After the disappointment of Rye, Eddie was elected to qualify but was hampered by limited practice laps and could manage no better than 23rd out of the 32 teams.

“I only had about 3 or 4 laps in practice because unfortunately Seth missed the in board for three laps. I didn’t feel particularly comfortable with the kart because it felt very loose and unpredictable. We went out fairly early and got some clear laps and I think I set a time that put us 13th or 14th but we slipped back towards the end of the session.”

Eddie also started the race and made a good start to pick off a few karts in front and enjoyed a good battle with main rivals II2BI for the first few laps before the race settled down. By the time Eddie came in for the first fuel and driver change the team were up to 13th.

Stephen took over and proceeded to have a battle with Gavin Knight from Jenny Tools Racing. Unfortunately he went off the circuit at the bottom hairpin, dropping the team down to 22nd place.

With the closeness of the Premier Championship the team were on their back foot and knew they would be hard pressed to make any gains. Ian went out for his first stint and did as good a job as was possible in the poorly handling kart.

As the race entered its second hour, everything settled down. Eddie went out for his second stint and was slightly happier with the handing as both the tyres and track had come up to a decent temperature.

Seth took Stephen’s second stint but seemed to struggle the most with the poorly handling kart and fell back several places before Ian took over for the last stint and put in a more than solid performance to the chequered flag.

“All in all it was a pretty disappointing day. I think we all came here expecting a fairly good result as we all know and like this circuit. Unfortunately things didn’t go our way today. Still I always try to look on the bright side – at least we closed the gap to Carpe Diem in the championship!”