Eddie expecting Welsh washout

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

This weekend’s welsh round at Llandow looks set to be held under severe wet weather. Eddie is certainly expecting a washout for round 6 of the 2007 Premier Championship.

The team go into this round looking for a good result after two disappointing showings in France and Dorset, dropping to 11th in the championship.

“We need a good result here. We really need something to give us a boost and a solid result here would be good. We haven’t done very well at the last couple of races and we need to get it right this weekend. It’s getting to a crucial point in the season now and we can’t really afford to drop back any more”

Eddie has mixed emotions about last year’s race here.

“The endurance race last season was a bit of a nightmare. We struggled with an under-performing kart, Ian Miller was slowest in qualifying and we never really got it together in the race. Of course the following day in the sprints I went out and scored my best result so it wasn’t all bad.”

The forecast for this race is set for severe rain and Eddie is hoping that this could play to IMSD Racing’s advantage.

“We’re all pretty safe drivers so if we can avoid any incidents, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to take advantage of the inevitable incidents. I’m usually quite good in the wet so I hope to have a good personal showing.”