Back to business

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

It will be business as usual this weekend at Clay Pigeon for round 9 of the 2007 Premier Endurance Championship and IMSD Racing will be looking to maintain their improved form from Buckmore Park.

Eddie has insisted that the recent news about IMSD Racing’s future will not affect their performance and everybody is looking forward to the last three races and is aiming to finish the season on a high.

Last month Eddie announced he would be leaving IMSD Racing at the end of the season and a few hours later, Stephen Deuchar (IMSD team captain) released a statement announcing that IMSD Racing would not be competing next year (view the story on the Official IMSD Racing website).

Despite this news, the whole team remain focussed and are determined to consolidate their position in the championship and finish ahead of their main rivals yet again.

“I said when the announcement was made that it won’t affect our performance. If anything I think we will do better because the pressure is off us now. We had a target at the beginning of this year to finish in the top 10. I think that is a very tall order but it’s still achievable and we will be working as hard as ever to do it.

Our other goal has to be to finish ahead of HB Racing, RBB Racing and II2BI. At the moment it’s very close in the championship between all of us so we have to push hard to maintain the advantage we have.”

The team will be in action in Dorset this weekend with Eddie, Ian Wilson and Ian Miller at the helm.