Eddie and IMSD Part Company on a High Note

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

IMSD Rounded out the 2007 season in style by equalling their best result of the season and in doing so consolidating their position in the Premier Championship.

Earlier in the week Eddie said he hoped the team could enjoy their last competitive race together with no mechanical failures or setup problems and get a solid result, and this was achieved as the team crossed the line in 8th.

Stephen brought the kart in after a few laps in practice suggesting that the mixture was set wrong but after a second opinion by Eddie, they decided to settle with it and not get the kart tested.

”It did feel a tiny bit sluggish but only slightly. It certainly had as good drive out of corners as everybody else and I think the carb was set up more for the dry. I knew that when the track inevitably dried it would come to us, which it did because the kart was a blinder in the dry!”

Ian Wilson opted to qualify and, in very greasy conditions on a still wet track, did a good job to qualify 17th out of the 31 teams.

Eddie started the race and made the most of the inevitable first lap accidents. After only a handful of laps he was running comfortably well inside the top 10 and lapping consistently and quickly.

Ian took over for the second stint and maintained position before handing over to Stephen. Despite losing ground to HB Racing, the team by this time had consolidated their position at the sharp end of the field.

Stephen handed his second stint over to Eddie, who crossed the line in 8th to the delight of the team. Not only have the team maintained their championship position but they have again finished ahead of their key rivals, HB Racing, RBB, Jenny Tools Racing and II2BI.

Eddie declared himself more than happy with the result and was full of praise for a great team effort.

”I came to this race with the intention of having a problem free day with no kart problems and end my time with IMSD Racing with a solid result. We achieved that today and we should all be happy with our performance. We all drove really well today and were focused and really on the case in the pits. It’s also worth pointing out that, despite our problems this year, we have yet again managed to beat all our main rivals - something we should all take great satisfaction from. I still think that behind the elite few teams, we are easily the best of the rest.

“I’d like to thank the whole team for a wonderful 5 years. Over this time we have won many races and championships and I owe a lot to them. I said it earlier in the year but I’d like to particularly thank Steve for all he has done over the last few years. I think next to my Dad he is the person who has contributed the most to my racing and I’m extremely grateful. I wish them all the best for the forthcoming seasons and I’ll particularly be watching Seth’s progress in the Sprint Championship with great interest.”