Eddie to race for 3Cubed

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie will race for 3Cubed in the 2008 Premier and European Endurance Championships.

He will once again be teamed with fellow IMSD Racing absconder Ian Wilson and will join ex II2BI rivals Alex Withington and Jon Emerson to form a formidable four man team.

“I am very excited about our prospects for 2008. Obviously I know Ian very well because we have been team mates for the past few years at IMSD Racing. We get on really well and he is a very quick driver. Plus it will be nice going into a new team with a bit of familiarity.

“I’m also really pleased to be teaming up with Alex and Jon. II2BI have been our main rivals for the past couple of seasons and I know they are both extremely quick drivers and I have a lot of respect for both of them. Of course, we have raced with Alex once before when he helped us to victory at the Lance Yeomans event a few years ago.

“I think we will make a great team because, apart from all being quick and fairly evenly matched, we know we all get along – there have never been any problems despite our fierce rivalry in separate teams.”

The team also have a formidable support team, with IMSD pit lane manager Richard Hall and ex-II2BI team manager and chief strategist Julian Withington joining forces – something Eddie is extremely happy about.

“Obviously the pit strategy is really important in the Premier Championship and with the combined skills of my Dad and Jules, I think we are looking incredibly strong. I’m really looking forward to working with Jules because, from what I have seen, he is a bit of a ‘Ross Brawn’ when it comes to strategy and that is an area where II2BI have seemed to have the edge over IMSD Racing for the past couple of seasons.”

Eddie has also taken on the role of team captain and will be in charge of organising the team’s entry for each race, the driver rota and help in organising travel and accommodation for the European championship.

The team, named so because they run with the legacy of the number 27, are due to test early in the New Year with all drivers present.

“We will probably meet up early in the New Year for a mid-week test. It will be good to get things sorted and particularly important because we will all need to get used to the new team and of course a new kart, a new chassis and fresh engines.”