Eddie Tests New Birel Chassis

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie had his first run in the new 2008 Birel chassis that he will be racing with 3Cubed in this year’s Premier Endurance championship.

The shakedown test was held in dry but fairly cold and slippery conditions, and the new karts are quite different to the old Biz chassis, making it quite a new experience but Eddie’s first impressions were very positive.

“The karts are a bit heavier and have a much larger fuel tank but they don’t feel any slower at all. They actually feel a lot more nimble and handle better than the old chassis and generally feel very good. The seating position felt a bit different and the seat itself felt a very different shape – better in fact – so I’m very encouraged.”

The private test also gave Eddie the opportunity to treat his elder brother to a birthday present to remember by giving him a run in the high performance machines.

“I know Ben has wanted to have a crack in them for a long time so this was a good opportunity for him to have a play. I think he was quite shocked at the speed and acceleration – he did have a few offs, and he says he aches a lot because of the physical exertion required, but he definitely enjoyed himself.”