Eddie discusses 2008 prospects

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

With less than a week to go until the first race of the season, Eddie has been giving his thoughts on the upcoming championship campaign and what he thinks his, and the team’s chances are in 2008.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the guys at the test session on Wednesday. This will be the first time that the entire team has met up since joining 3Cubed so it will be good to see them again and get things sorted out before the first race of the season on Saturday. Having already tested the new karts I’m eager to get back in them again before the first race as well.”

Eddie was optimistic about the team’s chances but also conceded that it was going to be a tough season and there is still work to do to move further up the grid.

”We have all the ingredients to be very competitive. I think we comprise the strongest combined line-up of our respective previous teams so we should, on paper, be a lot more competitive than we have been for the last couple of seasons. The separation of the old Clubman class into its own championship will mean that the ‘pot hunters’ won’t affect our results, so we should be better placed. I think the top teams are still going to be out of reach but we should be aiming for a top 6 in the championship and a podium is not out of the question. I think this is a tall order but we have to set our targets high – it’s the only way to make progress.”

”Another thing I’m excited about is working with Jules our chief strategist. He is the sort of ‘Ross Brawn’ of Club100 and I’m looking forward to benefiting from his work rather than being on the receiving end like I was so often at IMSD Racing. He has already been showing his strategical genius in discussions we have had about strategy over the winter and I’m really looking forward to his expertise.”

It was also recently announced that Eddie would also be competing in the sprint championship this year. In the 2008 season preview, Eddie was labelled as a “dark horse”, while others have already been calling him a championship favourite. Eddie seemed fairly relaxed and at ease and says his expectations are no different to the Endurance championship.

“I’m just looking forward to the new challenge. Whilst it’s fair to say that I have found my niche in endurance racing, I’m quite keen to have a go in the sprints again. It may take me a couple of races to get back into the swing of it so I don’t know how competitive I will be at Buckmore but I just want to enjoy myself.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to say I’m a championship favourite because I really don’t know what to expect out there. Dark horse is probably more accurate because I would like to think that I would be fairly competitive but I just don’t know. I guess my aim is similar to the Endurance series – aiming for a top 6 in the championship and podiums are not out of the question.”