Eddie speaks out in support for JV

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has given his public support to JV and Club100 in light of the controversy that has surrounded the cancellation of the second European Championship event of the year.

Many of the drivers and teams have criticised the handling of the cancellations and have publicly vented their frustration. Eddie, however, has said that he feels it is the drivers and teams themselves who are to blame and not Club100.

“I normally don’t like to get involved in bullshit like this but, speaking as a loyal long-time member of Club100, I felt the need to make my point. I am quite disappointed with the reaction of some people. I’m as gutted as everyone about the cancellation, but it was only cancelled because the majority of teams did not enter – many of the same teams that have been pushing fore more races and more European venues. JV listens to his members and he works very hard to try and keep everybody happy and do what they want. So often I here people saying we should go back to Glan-Y-Gors or Warden Law or Rowrah, or we should have more European races, but every time we do, the numbers are shit because people can’t be bothered to travel that far.

“I personally love the longer distance races and would welcome going further. I have been keen on having a European championship for ages so of course I jumped at the chance when the opportunity arose. It’s a real shame, but I think those that have complained should bitch about their fellow drivers and teams and not at JV.”

Eddie feels that this could spell the end of the long distance races and doubts whether a multi-round European championship will happen in future.

”The problem is that if we can’t get the numbers we won’t go. That has certainly been the case at Glan-Y-Gor, Llandow and Warden Law so I can’t imagine venues like Rowrah getting a crack, let alone venues in another country.”

“It’s not limited to the races either. Lots of people were saying that they wanted a return of the awards night, so JV booked a venue to host the big night in and hardly anybody took him up on it.”

Despite the setback of effectively losing the European championship, Eddie has said that he has already had several invites to do other events this year with details being announced shortly.