Eddie still cagey about prospects

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Despite a first and second place in the opening two races of the season, Eddie is still downplaying his chances. Eddie has led all but three laps of this year’s Sprint championship and heads the table by 13 points. However, he has admitted that he is still wary of the opposition.

“I have been quite lucky so far this year. Some of my main rivals still haven’t shown their hand yet. Guy [Holiday] is not that far behind and I’m sure he will continue to gain once he gets fully up to speed. I’m still very wary of Lee Kemp as well. I think he has had some bad luck in the opening two races but he is definitely going to be trouble. I think the same can be said for Dan [Gore] and Tim [Gibson].

“I think there are half a dozen or more drivers who are going to be challenging for the championship this year so it’s certainly not going to be an easy ride. I’ve just got to keep my head down, stay out of trouble and keep plugging away at it.”

Eddie has also had a strong start to the year in the Premier Endurance Championship with new team, 3Cubed, and is hoping for continued form this weekend at Lydd International Raceway.

“To be honest, the results we have had so far are pretty much what I expected. I’ve obviously exceeded my expectations in the sprints, but we are running about where we thought we would.

“I think there is still more to come from us as we grow as a team. We’ve gelled really well so far and there is a good feeling within the team but I think we can still do more. We made improvements at the last race to some of our processes and I think if we can continue to make small improvements like that, both in and out of the kart, we will be really strong by the end of the season.”

Eddie will once again be in action on both Saturday and Sunday for round 3 of the championship.