Veteran Eddie makes the century

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

This weekend’s race at Whilton Mill will mark Eddie’s 100th race with Club100. Eddie started racing in the sprint championship at the beginning of the 2002 season and over the last seven years has racked up one UK Endurance championship, two European titles, eight wins and sixteen podium finishes and is going into this weekend still leading the Sprint Championship.

“It’s quite a milestone. I’m quite the veteran now. I mean I’m 27 so I’m sort of middle aged in terms of racing anyway so to have competed in a hundred races as well really puts me into ‘old git’ territory doesn’t it?”

Despite admitting to feeling a little bit old, Eddie said he has no thoughts about retiring in the near future.

“Well I’ve got a couple of decades to go before I rival Tim Hill in the age department and he is still a bloody quick driver. Seriously thought I reckon I’ve got at least another ten years left in me before I’ll even contemplate stopping. I’m really enjoying my racing and I’m going into my 100th race still leading the championship so I’m obviously doing something right.

“Racing in Club100 has been brilliant and I’ve enjoyed a lot of success over the years and made a lot of good friends. The guys do a fantastic job and I still rate it as the best championship anywhere. I feel proud to be a part of it and to have lasted so long.”

Eddie’s tenure in the series has had many ups and downs over the years and not a small amount of controversy.

“Well my website has certainly pissed a few people off over the years. I remember my first couple of races were pretty low key and I was totally blown away by how good the top drivers were. Then I turned up for my third race and suddenly I was this mini-celebrity and everybody knew who I was, which was pretty uncomfortable. Many people took it a bit too seriously and I think I rubbed a few people up the wrong way in my first season and some comments I’ve made over the years have upset a few people but everybody knows me now and knows what I’m like and I think I’m pretty well established in the series now. It has been great and I look forward to the next hundred races and more!”