Eddie to race for Team Senna

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie will drive for his third endurance team in as many races next weekend when he teams up with fellow Lightweight sprint drivers Lee Kemp and James Akehurst for a one off appearance with Team Senna in the Premier Endurance Championship.

Once again, the driver rota at 3Cubed means that Eddie is free to drive elsewhere at the Clay Pigeon circuit and the three sprint rivals are joining forces to form a formidable team, named in deference to the legendary Formula 1 ace, Ayrton Senna.

Eddie will be in action with his 3Cubed team mates on Friday for practice but Ian Wilson, John Emerson and Alex Withington will be competing in the race on the Saturday while Eddie switches camps to Team Senna.

Eddie was delighted with the line up and said he was hoping for a strong result.

”It’s great. In Lee, James and myself we’ve got three quick drivers so we should do well. Obviously it is partly practice for the sprints on the Sunday but we are all competitive and want to do well so we’ve got to aim high. We’ve all won races in the sprint championship this year so we obviously know how to drive. I think if we can keep out of trouble and the kart stays in one piece, we should be able to manage a top six finish.”