Eddie hoping for return to podium

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie will head into this weekend’s race at Clay Pigeon looking to regain his lead in the sprint championship after a disastrous last race at Rye House. Eddie dropped 4 points behind Guy Holliday after failing to even qualify for the A final at the Hoddesdon circuit.

Speaking about the upcoming race weekend, Eddie said he had put the disappointment of the last race behind him and was feeling confident going into this race.

“Rye was horrible and when I failed to qualify for the final it felt like my world had come to an end. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that gutted before in my life. I’m over it now and have put it behind me. I don’t expect to have a repeat of the again. I love Clay Pigeon. It is probably my favourite track in the UK and I usually go well there. With practice on Friday and the Endurance on Saturday I should be in a strong position for the sprint race on Sunday.”

Despite claiming that he was not feeling any pressure, Eddie admitted that he desperately needs a good result to keep his championship hopes alive.

“Put simply I need to win. I think if I’m going to win another race this year, Clay is the circuit I’m most likely to do it. I love the place and it suits my driving style, much like Buckmore does. I really need a good result because Parm is really on form and I think he is going to be hard to beat at the final two races. My aim is obviously to win but I need to focus on beating Parm and Guy because they are my closest rivals at the moment. I think a podium is definitely on and a win would just be perfect.”

There are still growing concerns over Eddie’s ribs. Despite having rested over the 3 week break, Eddie admitted that the injury is still a worry to him.

“I’ve done no training at all over the last three weeks apart from a couple of short bike rides. It doesn’t hurt when I sneeze any more so that’s a good sign but it still twinges from time to time and it is far from healed. Apart from the chicane, the curbs are fairly good at Clay so, providing I wear ample padding, I should be alright. The problem is that I’m still going to be thinking about it, which obviously takes a lot of focus away from my driving but we’ve got to wait and see.”

Eddie will be in action on Friday, practicing with his 3Cubed team mates, before switching camps to join fellow Lightweight Sprint stars Lee Kemp and James Akehurst at Team Senna on Saturday before the crucial Sprint race on Sunday.