Eddie promises to be fit for Buckmore

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has promised that he will be fully recovered and fighting fit for the first race of the 2009 season at the end of February. Eddie raced for the entire 2008 season with a badly broken rib, sustained in a practice accident prior to the first race.

Eddie has again switched teams in the Endurance Championship over the Winter, having announced prior to Christmas that he will be partnering Marc Laukam at Target Racing and is highly motivated to recover from his injury in time to be even more competitive.

Speaking recently, Eddie hailed 2008 as an ‘unbelievable year’ and pointed to his injury as the only downside.

“Everything just seemed to click last year. It was obviously a fantastic feeling to be at the sharp end of a championship fight again, the race report gig has been great and has allowed me to put something back into the club, the business career is going from strength to strength and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my personal life so 2008 has just bee an absolutely unbelievable year – probably about as perfect as they come. Obviously the injury was the only black mark on the year but considering I managed to do nearly 30 events and still maintain such a good performance for the entire year is something I’m really proud of.”

Eddie has been forced to rest over the Winter break, cancelling all scheduled races in order to be fully recovered in time for the first race of the new season in February, something he is confident he will manage.

“I’m obviously gutted not to have been able to race over the Winter and I’ve had to turn down a lot of offers, which is always painful but it is for the best. The injury is healing well and I’ve started training again so providing I’m careful I should be fit for the opening race. I’ll be testing the new engine sometime in mid-February so at least I’ll manage to get some running in prior to making my debut with Target Racing.”