Eddie Flies at Lydd Testing

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie had his first test session for over two months on Saturday and put in a great performance, lapping consistantly quickly and putting some stunning moves on other drivers testing.

This, as usual this season, was Eddie's first visit to the Kent circuit and he was very pleased with his own performance.

"Initially, the track was very cold and slippery and, despite overtaking most other karts on the circuit, I didn't feel comfortable and didn't feel like I could drive to the limit. After the track had been rubbered in a little bit I found a good line and just enjoyed myself!"

"There are some stunning corners on the circuit which make for real excitement and good overtaking opportunities. I am fairly confident for the race in September."

Eddie's day wasn't entirely trouble free, however, as he was cautioned twice for incidents under yellow flags.

"My first flying lap of the day was a bit of a non-event as I spun at turn 1. I saw the yellow flag and a kart stc=uck at the edge of the track. I thought I would take a bit of kerb on the entrance so I could come out tight, but misjudged the corner, spun and received a black flag. Later three karts were stuck in the middle of the second chicane, one being towed. I went in just a little too fast and had to take to the grass to avoid hitting the pusher kart! A bit of a silly thing to do but I was pushing really hard!"

Eddie's manager and new PR man Mark van Keulen, who ws attending his first event, were both impressed with Eddie's performance, His manager stating that it was his son's best performance so far.