Eddie expecting sprint reprisal

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Despite a difficult start to the sprint championship, Eddie is hopeful of a turnaround going into the third race of the season in Northamptonshire this weekend. So far this year Eddie has struggled in qualifying and, despite strong race performances, has barely troubled the top 10 this year.

“Obviously compared to this time last year the season has been a bit of a disaster. If you look where I was after two races last season I was leading the championship with a win, a second and a pole position. So far this year I’ve barely scraped onto the back of the grid and only have a tenth and thirteenth to my name.

Although disappointed, Eddie stated that he is not giving up on his championship aspirations and is confident his season will improve.

“I’m still sixth in the championship and there are another nine races to go so there is still a lot to play for. When you look where Lee [Kemp] was this time last year, he had an even worse start than me but ended up chasing me for the runner up spot at the end of the year.”

Eddie openly admitted that he needs to work on his qualifying performance for the rest of the year if he is going to improve.

“Rye was not good but I always expect to have trouble there – I hate the place and the circuit has rarely been kind to me. Buckmore was a poor race because I just didn’t get it together in qualifying and both races so far I had at least one ropey heat. I’m looking to have an incident free day at Whilton because I’ve proved so far this year that my race pace is good. If I can just start nearer the front, I know I will be challenging for wins.”

The 2009 season continues after a month’s gap this weekend at Whilton Mill, the circuit where Eddie lost the championship last year after being taken out at the start by Carl Tebbutt. Eddie has said that he will not be thinking of that.

“Of course not. Last year was last year and what happened won’t have any effect on how I approach this weekend. I’ve obviously had mixed results at Whilton; I won the Endurance championship there in 2005, and lost the Sprint championship there last year so I still have some fond memories of the place. I’m confident I can have a good weekend and turn my sprint season around.”