Eddie cruises to sixth in B final.

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie was very pleased to come away from Warden Law with sixth position in the B final. After quite a slow start to the day, which included Eddie being penalised by the race stewards, Eddie drove a very strong race to miss out on a place in the A final by just over 3 seconds.

"I am gutted not to have got into the A final but I can't say that I am too unhappy with the result. I don't think I gave my best in the early part of the day, but I felt a big improvement in my confidence in the last heat which set me up for the final."

Eddie was very lucky not to get involved in the pile up that took out several karts.

"I could almost sense it was going to happen. I was on the far right going into the left hand hairpin and decided to stay wide to get the inside line for the following corner. As I turned in I just saw carnage and decided to stay where I was - I good choice I feel!"

Eddie then drove a solid race to finish 6th in the B Final - his highest finish so far.