Average results at Whilton

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

It was another difficult day at Premier level as Eddie again struggled for pace on both Saturday and Sunday and came away with a pair of 9th place finishes in the Endurance and Sprint events.


It was always going to be a difficult day as Target Racing were again reduced to a 2 man team after the last minute withdrawal of Chris Bell. The duo of Laukam and Hall lost most of their practice waiting for the kart to be tested and Eddie could qualify no better than 22nd on the grid.

Marc took the start and made a cracking getaway to move up the order. It soon became clear that the kart was still struggling for power and he made little progress thereafter. Eddie went out for a double stint and failed to make any sort of impression, other than picking up a black flag for a collision with Ikonn Racing’s Chris Davies and losing a lap in the process.

Eddie did the final single stint of the day and crossed the line in a distant ninth in class. Despite yet another disappointment, Eddie was philosophical after the race.

“We were always going to find the going tough today being a two man team and our kart really was bad today. I think we got the most out of it and we drove around the problems as best we could so we should be happy about that. These things happen and we should expect a bit of bad luck but I just hope we can have a couple of good races and have a strong end to the season.”

Eddie also gave his views on the incident with Ikonn Racing.

“Well it’s not the first time we have had a coming together here because we had an accident in the sprints back in 2004. It is a really difficult circuit to overtake and I just made an honest mistake. It was one of those ‘shall I-Shan’t I’ moves and I got it wrong. I did apologise to Chris and gave my views of the incident and he graciously accepted so there is no problem there.”


Before the weekend, Eddie confessed that he wasn’t expecting much from the Whilton sprint race and, now that the championship has been sewn up in Lee Kemp’s favour, he admitted that he was simply looking to keep out of trouble in the remaining three races and was just out to have fun.

Another mediocre qualifying consisting of a ninth, tenth and second places put Eddie thirteenth on the grid for the A final. Managing to avoid the fist lap accidents, Eddie completed the first lap in ninth and had a fairly lonely race to the flag.

“It was a bit of a dull race really. I got held up a bit at the start but managed to pick my way through the carnage and then it was just a case of getting my head down and driving for position. I was catching Tim Clark for the whole race and I think I would have got him if the race was another lap or two. Still ninth is pretty rubbish but about as good as I could hope for today.”