Drama filled finale

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Although Avit Racing wrapped up the Open championship last month there was still one race left and Eddie and Harry Landy were this week joined by newly crowned Clubman champion Richard Higham and hoping for a strong end to what has been a dominant year for the team.

After getting the carb adjusted in practice, Eddie went out and qualified 4th on a treacherously wet track. Harry started the race but seemed to struggle in his first stint and complained of handling difficulties. Rich Higham managed to get the team back up to second before handing over to Eddie for his first of 2 half hour stints.

Immediately struggling with the kart, Eddie spun on his third lap out and complained that the tracking was loose. His verdict was unfortunately proved correct a few laps later when the track rods completely snapped early in Harry’s second stint forcing him into the pits where the team lost 5 laps getting it fixed.

Despite a couple more spins from Harry, the trio set a blistering pace and, helped by the dire conditions catching many of their rivals out, stormed through to finish 8th.