Solid points at Whilton

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

In a weekend that Eddie described as “unremarkable”, he scored two solid top 10 finishes to maintain his place in the championship standings.


After a change of kart near the end of practice, Eddie was sent out to qualify but could only manage a lowly 26th on the grid. Making a good start, he got up to 18th by the end of the first lap and climbed as high as 13th before making an early pit stop. The whole race was spent battling with his former team 3Cubed and Eddie, along with team mates Paul Williams and Chris Hoyle, would eventually finish 8th in class.

“Qualifying was terrible. I just couldn’t get the speed out of the kart and I knew it wasn’t going to be a great position. I didn’t expect it to be quite that bad, though. Once I got going in the race the kart just came to me. I made a great start and enjoyed a good old battle with Emerson. We battled wheel to wheel in both our stints and it was great fun. Not the best result but we’ll get there.”


With the weather changing for the worse on Sunday with cold temperatures and dark grey skies, Eddie nevertheless felt confident going into round 3 of the sprint championship.

Solid qualifying results of 2nd, 5th and 7th put Eddie 8th on the grid for the final. Again making a good start he was battling for 4th round the first few laps before getting baulked by a slower driver and allowing Sami Seppala, Andrew Green and Glen Beard through. Seemingly struggling for race pace and unable to get past the wayward Green, he would eventually finish 7th.

“It was a pretty average and unremarkable weekend all round really. Again, I just didn’t have the pace in the final and couldn’t mount much of a challenge. Once Andy got past me I knew I was in for a difficult race because, although he’s a nice guy, he’s not the most intelligent of drivers and he tends to rub side pods and bang wheels which just slows both of us down. I sat behind him for most of the race because I knew he was going to lunge Saunderson at some point which he did on the last lap and allowed me through.”