Pre-season testing run-down

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie became the first to have a run in the new Birel chassis today at an exclusive test at Bayford Meadows.

A fleet of new chassis have been prepared over the winter and as well as a re-build of all the engines. Eddie completed a solid hour of testing and was satisfied with the new equipment.

“It was good. I was pretty much the only one there so had a fairly nice run. The karts are the same as the old ones but newer and not as knackered so they felt a bit sharper. The engine took a few laps to run in and I was lacking a fraction of bottom end but today was really all about getting back behind the wheel and blowing the cobwebs off after the winter.”

The session started off dry but drizzled over the last 20 minutes, giving Eddie a chance to test the new karts in wet and dry conditions.

“I enjoyed having a blast in the dry but it was good to have a bit of wet running to see how they perform. The guys have, as always, done a fantastic job in getting everything ready for the new season. I’m looking forward to it.”

It will be another busy season for Eddie with 30 races already on the calendar and more rumoured to be in the pipe-line (subject to contract negotiations).

The first race will be on 13th February when Eddie will make his debut in the new 60 minute challenge series with Rich Higham.