Victory and the championship lead

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie and Rich Higham scored their first win in the 60 minute challenge race and, in doing so, moved into the lead of the championship.

The day was cold and wet. Having shown slightly better pace in the tricky conditions, Eddie was sent out to qualify and duly put the team in third position. Also taking the start, Eddie managed to get into the lead at the first corner and held it until lap 2 when a slight mistake caused him to run wide and allow Simon Young to nip through.

Following closely behind Young, Eddie made another mistake a few laps later when an opportunistic backmarker attempted to lunge past down the hill, causing Eddie to run over the grass and drop to fifth. Despite this he was back up to second by the time he came in to hand over to Higham.

Rich Higham maintained second place, maintaining the gap to the leader and extending the margin to third place. Having settled for second, the team had a stroke of luck when Simon Young was given a penalty for hitting a backmarker with a handful of laps to go. This handed the lead to the grateful duo and Rich Higham crossed the line to win.