Back to the Roots

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie returned to his roots of karting when he went to Indikart indoor karting in Colchester for a friends "stag do" on Saturday. Eddie went away with his first trophy of the season by winning the "Clubmans Cup".

Eddie finished runner up in his first two heats behind his elder brother, Ben (and received two "behave" boards for aggressive driving whilst trying to pass the "wider" kart) and then won the third and fourth heat, the Semi-final and the final to win the fun event by a country mile.

"It was nice to go back there because that is where it all started back in 1993. I can't believe how slow those things are but it was good fun never the less - and good for me because I got my first trophy of the season!"

Eddie has insisted that, despite the fun, he would much rather stick with the joys of Club100 racing.