2013 plans confirmed

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Having already revealed he would leave Galliard at the end of the season, Eddie officially confirmed his departure from the team earlier today and announced he is to join Alliance Racing for the 2013 season to partner Chris Hanson and Francesco Volpe. Talking exclusively to The Mirror, Eddie said:

“I’m obviously sad to be leaving Galliard. I’ve had three very enjoyable years there and we’ve enjoyed some good success over that time. Paul [Williams] has become a good friend so it was hard to leave but I’m looking forward to a new challenge with Alliance. I think we’ve got a great line-up and I expect us to be challenging for regular podiums and hopefully that elusive first premier win. I wish Paul all the best in his new challenge in the sprints.”

He also confirmed rumours that he will quit sprint racing and concentrating instead on another year in the Open endurance series.

“I’ve finally decided to call time on my love/hate relationship with the sprints. I’ve enjoyed the last five years back but the enjoyment has started to wane over the last couple of years and I want to concentrate more on the endurance championships. I have a great chance of scoring some good results in the prems and I also want to focus on winning my third Open title next year.”

Dropping the sprints means Eddie will almost halve the number of races he does but he denied this was a prelude to him following some of his colleages in announcing an emotional retirement speech.

“I think I’ve got a few years left in me yet but it won’t hurt to reduce my workload. I do over thirty races every year and, coupled with the journalism work, business interests, publishing my book and family commitments, I lead a very busy life. I think competing in only eighteen races a year as opposed to thirty-plus is a good thing. Plus I’ll be competing in the championships I enjoy the most so it’s all good.”

It will still be a busy schedule in 2013 and this is how the calendar looks so far.

Open Endurance round 1 - 10th February, Buckmore Park    
Premier Endurance round 1 23rd February, Buckmore Park
Open Endurance round 2 - 24th March, Clay Pigeon   
Premier Endurance round 2 - 13th April, Bayford Meadows    
Premier Endurance round 3 - 27th April, Rye House
Open Endurance round 3 - 5th May, Buckmore Park   
Premier Endurance round 4 - 25th May, Ellough Park    
Premier Endurance round 5 - 15th June, Clay Pigeon
Open Endurance round 4 - 30th June, Bayford Meadows   
Premier Endurance round 6 - 13th July, Whilton Mill
Open Endurance round 5 - 28th July, Buckmore Park   
Premier Endurance round 7 - 10th August, Buckmore
Open Endurance round 6 - 8th September, Buckmore Park   
Premier Endurance round 8 - 21st September, Clay Pigeon    
Premier Endurance round 9 - 12th October, Whilton Mill    
Premier Endurance round 10 - 26th October, Llandow    
Premier Endurance round 11 - 16th November, Rye House
Open Endurance round 7 - 24th November, Rye House