Driving on ice is bad for the eyes

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

So after an unusually long winter break where I failed to do much in the way of fitness training due to global warming giving us more cold weather, it was good to be back behind the wheel for round 1 of the Open championship. Well, it would have been good if it wasn’t eleventy million degrees below freezing.

We’ve got more prem drivers racing in the championship this year which means reclaiming my title is going to be difficult. I actually made things more difficult for myself by taking one of these prem drivers off at the start and getting a black flag. Bugger! Still, I managed to claw my way back up to second place before a lack of visibility due to the rain and the dark caused me to crash into a stationary kart at the bottom of Symes Sweep. Shit! Still, I managed to claw my way back into the top 10 before one of the most bizarre incidents of my career happened: My visor froze up. I had to lift my visor up so I could see where I was going and then the water froze on my glasses. I had no option but to retire 3 minutes from the end. It took me hours to get the feeling back into my fingers. Not a great start.