Move aside, the Alliance is coming

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

So Bayford Meadows pretty much blew. Jay Elliott was forced to miss this race after injuring his vertebra (or spine to the rest of you) in s snowboarding accident. Clumsy arse! Still, we had a more than capable stand-in driver in the form of Dave Waters. Sadly, a suspected blockage in the fuel line meant Chris pulled into the pits and we lost several laps getting the kart tested. A real shame because we were fighting in the leading quartet and I think we could have won. Bugger!

It was then off to Rye House and things looked like they were rapidly going tits up. I got no running in practice because of various kart problems and we spent most of the session in the pits. I had to go straight out and qualify and duly put us near the back. Deciding the kart was about as good as <>, we elected to dump it and race in a spare kart which meant starting at the back of the grid.

To cut a long story short, Chris Hanson was epic. Jay was epic. I was epic. We carved our way through the grid of elites and finished second. It was one of the most satisfying races I’ve had in a long time.