2013 season roundup

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

So the end of another season and it was probably the most successful to date. Alright I failed to win a championship and only won a solitary race but given I finished 4th in the premier championship with two second places and a third place, and 3rd in the Open championship behind top drivers like Lee Clackett and Marc Craddock, it was probably the most competitive.

In total, 7 podiums in 18 races, including a victory isn't bad and it was only due to some stupid mistakes that cost me more. I personally felt I let the guys down a couple of times this year with a lack of pace in the premier championship. Ellough Park and the first race at Clay Pigeon spring to mind. Had I not driven like a complete girl (Disclaimer: that is in no way meant as a detrimental slur to female racing drivers) we might have secured a few more points. Also, my performance at Whilton Mill was embarrassing, despite the fact we finished second. Still, I was the only one of us who didn't have a black flag this year so I guess it evens itself out. Both Chris and Jay did an awesome job this year and thanks also to Dave Waters and Rich Higham who stood in for Jay this year. It looks like we’re sticking together next year so that’s awesome news. With a few changes for 2014, I think next year could be a great chance to secure that first premier win.

It was disappointing to slip to third in the open championship at the final race. I had an outside chance of taking the title and things looked good as I secured pole position and led the opening few laps. However, I didn't quite have the pace in the early stages and the backmarkers weren't very kind to me either. My pit manager fell asleep as well so I got stuck in traffic for longer than I should have been and that cost me a lot of time. Of course being a racer, I can come up with millions of excuses but the fact is I didn't lose the championship here; I lost it earlier in the season with a black flag at the last race and the pitlane incident at Buckmore. Without those silly mistakes I would have been a lot closer to Lee and may even have won. He’s done a much better job this year and deserves the championship.

So what for 2014? The premier championship is confirmed and I’m signed up with Alliance Racing with Chris and Jay but there’s no Open championship for next year. There are some other possibilities and contract negotiations are still on-going. There will be some news after Christmas...