Eddie speaks out

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has spoken out for the first time over the incident in the B final that resulted in him receiving a three-place deduction.

Eddie was criticised by several drivers for dangerous driving after some fairly aggressive moves on track. In particular, his part in the incident in which he eliminated an apponent from contention. Of the incident Eddie said "The fact is that for the second time that day I was driving a kart with no brakes. Coupled to this was the fact that there was absolutely no grip at the rear. This meant that I had to completely adjust my driving style and alter my racing line.

"I had nothing to lose and was pushing as hard as I could. In these conditions you have to take risks and drive aggressivley and that is what I was doing. One incident was avoidable and I admit that; I saw a gap and went for it. In a normal situation, if that gap closes I would just lean on the brakes and back out of it. Obviously with no brakes that is impossible to do and I made contact. This ruined my race as well and I was given a penalty for it.

"I did go and apologise to the driver in question after the race but obviously tempers were a bit high. There's nothing more I can do - these things happen in motor racing and you just have to accept it!"

Eddie went on to say "I was a little disappointed with the reaction of one or two people. What people tend not to realise is that I have been the victim of other people's mistakes on more than one occasion this year - twice at Rye, twice at Birmingham and once at Warden Law - so I can't say that I have any sympathy for ruining anybody's race because it happens to all of us."

Eddie said he thought that the weather played a major role in some of his problems during the day stating "Those karts had been running all day in unbelievebly hot conditions. This is bound to affect the brake temperature and tyre pressures (which is what caused his handling problems in the B final). I was just unlucky."