Eddie defeats Champion!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie became the first person to defeat Neil Maidment in the Frontmedia sponsored Squash League. Eddie beat the ultimate champion 3-2 after an enthralling match that saw the two fight it out until the bitter end.

Eddie started off well, winning the first two games before Neil made one of his dangerous comebacks, taking the third and fourth games. It all came down to the final game and it was extremely close. Neither player scored for the first 5 minutes as they kept taking serves away from each other - neither player willing to give anything away. After a long and close game, Eddie finally got the upper hand to win 9-5.

Speaking about the game, Eddie said "It was very close. I started off well, winning the first two games but then Neil came back really strongly to make it 2-2 and I just thought 'God I'm going to lose again'! But then it all came right in the last game - I am really happy."

Neil was magnanamous in defeat: "I was just outplayed today. It is sad to lose my 'undefeated' crown but it is a huge weight off my shoulders."

As usual, the game was not without injury as Eddie executed his usual display of what can only be described as ludicrous and painful dives, and received many burns to both knees as well as making hard contact with the wall several times and causing both shoulders grief. Despite this, Eddie insists that he will be fit for the next race at Lydd on September 29th.