Lydd Preview

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

With under a week to go until the Lydd Race, Eddie is looking forward to a good day, despite his mentor not attending. This will only be the third time this year that Eddie would have raced at a track he has been to before, having tested their earlier in the season.

"I enjoyed my test here earlier in the season and I seemed on the pace. Obviously it is hard to say how quick I was because the competition at test days is usually very spread out. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the race and as I have been there before, I hope to get a good result."

Eddie will not be accompanied by his dad/manager this weekend. This will be the first time since 1996 that his father has not attended a race.

"Obviously I am sorry that he won't be there but he has his own agenda and I don't epect him to drop everything. It won't be the same, not having his support, but I still hope to have a good race."

Eddie has spent the six week break well, spending a lot of time down the gym and playing squash. "I have been keeping my reflexes sharp playing squash over the past few weeks and, despite a few minor injuries, I think it has done me good. It has certainly not harmed my overall fitness."