Eddie: "It's a fair cop!"

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that his exclusion from the result of the A final is justified and he has no problems accepting it. Eddie was excluded from his position in the A final after taking to the escape road on the last lap of the race and gaining positions.

"I fully expected to be penalised for the incident and I think the penalty I received is justified." were Eddie's comments today. "I know what I did was against the rules, but I think what I did was the safest decision. Had I tried to make the hairpin I would have not only hit the tyre wall but also probably have taken the other kart with me. Either way it would have been much more nasty."

There was rumour that Eddie would be completely excluded from the result but, as it stands, Eddie will keep his 100 points for qualifying for the A final.

"I would have had something to say if I had been completely excluded because I drove well all day and finished consistently well in the heats to claim pole for the B final. I also think I drove sensibly, without error, to finish a comfortable second in that race to get to the A final on merit."

Eddie also went on to add "The exclusion doesn't really make any difference to the end result because even if I had finished behind the guy in front of me I would only have got 100 points. It is just a shame that I made that mistake because it was not the best end to an otherwise satisfactory day."