Testing, Testing, Testing...

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie will be in action at Bayford Meadows in Sittingbourne this Saturday in preparation for the race there on the 20th October.

Eddie is looking to repeat his A final start at Lydd last Sunday, and hopes not to be excluded again. Eddie was excluded from last Sunday's result after he rejoined the circuit having driven down the escape road on the lsat lap.

This will be the second time that Eddie will have tested at Bayford Meadows, having completed his second test for Club100 last season.

"I remember last year I had a really good test here and this was what really persuaded me to race full time this season. From what I remember, I thought the track was pretty good. I hope to have another good test this Saturday so that I will be strong for the race."

When asked whether he thinks he will make the A final again, Eddie replied "I hope so. I really would like to prove that last weekend's result was no fluke. I will go to this race with the knowledge that I have been round it before, which is something I have seldom had the chance of so far this season, so I am fairly confident."