Sunday stroll in the woods

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Well it was more like a crazy, unorganised warzone according to Eddie. We are of course talking about the annual paintballing expedition up at Ramsden Heath. Eddie came away with the usual bruises and stories of suicidal runs to try and beat the opposition into submission.

"I didn't do too badly - bruise wise - this year" said Eddie. "I got shot once on the shoulder, twice on the back, once on the head and twice on the arse! It was a pretty good day, as usual. I played it sensible in some games and inflicted a great deal of pain on the other team, which is always satisfying. In a couple of games myself and Mark decided that we would just do a 'kamakaze' bolt down the middle of the field, which is where I got most of my bruises."

For the first time since Eddie first played, several years ago, his team did not win. Despite this Eddie had a great day.