Maidment back on top

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Neil Maidment celebrated his birthday in style by beating Eddie in the latest squash tournament and reclaiming his place at the head of the Frontmedia squash league.

Neil beat Eddie 3-1 to finally end his losing streak against the youngster. Eddie has beaten Neil on three consecutive occasions and won his last round against Simon Tompsett last week after the latter pulled out with a "shoulder injury".

On his defeat, Eddie said "It was his birthday so of course I had to let him win!". On a more serious note, Eddie congratulated Neil on his win: "We both played very well considering that we had both been out on the beer the night before. All of the games were extremely close but Neil just got the points when it mattered. I expected my winning streak against him to end soon anyway but I had a good match nonetheless.

Neil was obviously happy saying "Eddie's return serves were so good today and I thought it was going to be a real hard match. It's good to be back on top."

It is not yet known whether Eddie will play next week. If he doesn't then his next match will probably be in the new year when he gets back from Japan.