2002: The best year of my life

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that 2002 has been the best year of his life so far. Despite having his worst championship finishing position, Eddie said that it was his most enjoyable season of racing.

Eddie finished 31st out of 144 in his first full season of racing since 1998. He also won a C final, sat on pole position for a B final and came a strong second in a B final and made an A final, losing his chance of winning the rookie championship in the process by qualifying himself out of it!

Eddie has steadily improved over the course of the season and admits to being a much better driver to the one who started the season. "When I look back at the first race, I compare myself to the immature idiot who spun off trying to beat the reigning champion (fellow Witham driver James Winslow), and compare that to the same driver who, only a few races later, lead a B final comfortably and sensibly slowed down towards the end to ensure a place in the A.

"It has been a fantastic year because, for the first time, I have raced against some genuinely brilliant drivers. I have won minor championships in the past against mediocre competition but it's much better to have a lower finishing position against such good drivers.

"There are some fantastic people in the paddock as well. Obviously all the organisers of Club100 deserve a mention but I have to mention Steve Gray, Trevor Randall, Michael McAnery, Sacha Viets and Andy Sivell (from the heavy weights) who are all genuinely nice people and have become good friends over the course of the season."

Eddie said that the racing was only part of the reason he has enjoyed this year so much. "Obviously Club100 re-ignited my lost passion for racing, which has made this year so special, but everything else has gone well for me this year: Job, friends, women, racing, fitness... I am just happy with life in general. And to end the year on a high, I am going on a fully funded trip to Japan for two weeks."

Eddie has said that he expects 2003 to be even better. "As far as the racing goes, in my opinion I can only improve. I want to making more regular appearances in A finals next year."