Eddie returns from Japan

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie returned to Britain last night after his 12 day visit to Japan with Pacific Venture. Eddie was one of 19 youths to go on the trip, which consisted of many study visits all over the country. The youths visited temples, museums and learned about the Japanese culture and history, as well as experiencing the local food.

"It was the experience of a lifetime" were Eddie's comments on returning. "I'm really glad I went on the trip. It was educational as well as fun. Everybody on the trip got on really well and nobody had any problems. To be honest I don't think I was ever quite myself on the trip. I got on well with everyone but I never felt truly relaxed so nobody saw my real personality.

"It was quite a tiring schedule. We were up early every morning and traveling either by coach or plane to various locations around the country. I met a few Japanese and Malaysian people who I have said I will keep in touch with. Our group have also said that we will keep in touch, which will be nice becasue they were a good bunch."

When Eddie was asked to name a few people on the trip that he thought made a difference we got the following. "MG obviously needs a mention as she organised us all the time and was very patient with the alcoholics of the group. Martin, who I had to share a room with in the hotels and home-stay and kept me awake with his unnaturally loud snoring; Phil and Andy were both a good laugh and I got on with really well and Harriet, who I think everyone was very fond of, for her great personality and sense of humour."

Eddie has said that he would go back to Japan any time but is glad to be home for Christmas.

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