All Fired Up

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he is really fired up for the 2003 season and can't wait to get it under way. Eddie did a respectible job last season. It was his first full season of kart racing since 1998 and, despite having never been to the majority of the circuits, did a very good job and came very close to clinching the rookie championship before qualifying himself out of rookie status.

Eddie has said that he expects 2003 to be even better. "I will not only have the confidence of a full season behind me but also the knowledge of the circuits, which was a luxury I didn't enjoy in 2002."

He said in an interview at the weekend that his targets for the coming season are to improve on his championship position and to make more A final appearances. "I improved steadily throughout last season and I learned something new at every race. As long as I can keep up that level of improvement this season, I will be happy.

The season gets under way in five weeks where Eddie will be testing at Buckmore Park.