Testing roundup

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

The 2003 CLub100 season continued today with testing at Whilton Mill. As is often the case, Eddie had a satisfactory day and put in some consistent laps ready for the race there next Sunday.

The day started dry but with a slightly damp track. After a brief downpour, the track again dried out for Eddie's last run, giving him laps in both wet, dry and mixed conditions.

Eddie suffered one spin in his third stint and a brief moment across the grass. These two incidents were the only ones in anotherwise successful day.

Eddie did voice some concerns over turn one, however. Despite still being quicker than most through there, and even overtaking several drivers, he was not convinced that he was taking a very good line and was concerned that he will lose valuable time and positions in the race. He was seen seeking advice from Club100 staff.

Despite this, Eddie said he was generally happy with his performance and is looking forward to the race there next week.