Racing Imperative

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has finalised a deal with fellow sprint driver Peter Finnis to drive for his endurance team at Bayford Meadows.

Eddie has been talking to Peter about a possible drive since the end of last season and has finally sealed a deal to stand in for Dan Polley in the Racing Imperative team at Bayford Meadows.

Eddie said "I am really happy to be driving in the endurance race. I have made no secrets about my desire to race in the endurance championship next season and I hope that this might give me an opening. I am really greatful to Peter and I look forward to racing with him as I respect him very much as a driver and he is one of the more friendly faces around the paddock."

Eddie will partner Peter Finnis and Andrew Ure at Bayford Meadows on the 5th April, the day before the sprint race.