Eddie: "I make too many mistakes"

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Edie has admitted that he thinks he makes too many mistakes, which hampers his chances of regularly making the A final.

Eddie was devastated after the last race at Whilton Mill after spinning out of second place at the second corner and immediately left the track after the race was over. "I was absolutely gutted! There was absolutely no excuse for it, I was under no pressure and I knew I had the speed to even win the race."

This was the second race in succession that Eddie has failed to get past the second corner, having suffered throttle failure at the previous race at Buckmore Park after not reporting it during the warm-up laps.

In an interview, Eddie said "The bottom line is that I make too many mistakes. Last season, there were very few races where I didn't have a spin or a slight off during the course of a meeting and so far this year, I haven't made it past the second corner without having a problem.

"I know that the speed is there. Speed has never been a problem. My problem has always been lack of consistency and lack of reliability. That is what made Sunday even harder to take; the fact that I was setting lap times that were up with the top drivers, the fact that in my last heat I was keeping with (and even catching) two of the best drivers in the series and the fact that I was in such good shape to win the B final. Then to go and throw it all away with a stupid error like I did is just gut-wrenching."

Eddie is to race in the endurance meeting at Bayford Meadows the day before the sprint race and hopes that this will help him. "One problem I do have is that, unlike most of the top guys, I don't race in any of the other championships so I only see most of them once a year. Last year I had to learn most of the tracks in only three laps. I hope that doing the endurance race the day before will set me up well for the sprint. Certainly Dan Polley says I will benefit greatly from it. I just hope he's right."