A Final or Failure

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he will consider anything less than an A final as failure at the upcoming sprint race at Bayford Meadows. For the last two races, due to a mixture of bad luck and mistakes, Eddie has failed to start an A final.

In round one at Buckmore Park, throttle failure caused Eddie to crash from sixth on the grid, while a silly spin from second on the grid on the opening lap at Whilton Mill caused Eddie to again fail to make the A.

Eddie will be competing in the endurance race for Racing Imperative at Bayford the day before the sprint race and hopes that this will aid his quest for that elusive A final start.

"Next to Buckmore Park, Bayford is the circuit I have most experience on. I have had two very successful tests, one sprint race and hopefully the endurance race will be of great benefit to me."

In a recent interview, Eddie said "My goal is to qualify straight into the A final at Bayford. I have come so close in the last two races, but for a small amount of bad luck in the qualifying heats. My goal has got to be to make the A final, in my opinion, anything less would be failure."

Eddie will be racing at Bayford on the 5th and 6th of April.