Eddie praises new rules

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he approves of the modifications to the rules that have been introduced since the last race at Whilton Mill. There was a lot of controversy after the last race after several drivers kept changing their karts during the warm-up laps and delaying the start.

"My second heat was the worst. We must have done about a dozen warm up laps before the race started because people kept coming in to fix 'problems'with their karts."

Club 100 have limited the number of changes a driver is allowed to make. A driver can change his kart only once during the warm up laps during the heats and twice during the rolling up laps in the final. All karts will be tested and if it is found not to have a serious problem, the driver could face penalties.

Despite having suffered a slightly faulty kart at the opening race, Eddie praised the reliability of the Club 100 karts. "The fact is that I have had very few problems over the last year, and the problems I have had have generally been minor. The karts are maintained to a brilliant standard so I personally have never felt the need to change during the warm up.

"The fact of the matter is that this is an arrive and drive championship. The people who never seem to be satisfied with their kart should not race in this series, but should go out, buy their own and race in the Super 1 series or something. I'm not criticising anyone in particular because sometimes there are genuine problems, but I feel that people can take the piss sometimes.

"This championship takes away all the hassle and just leaves you to get on with the fun part of driving. I raced my own kart in 1998 and it was a nightmare. I never had the money, tools, equipment or experience to get the thing sorted and suffered major problems because of it. Consequently I am satisfied with the performance of these karts."

Club 100 have also banned weaving during the warm up laps, another rule change that Eddie strongly agrees with. "there have been a number of times when I have been trying to take my grid position during the warm up laps and I have had to avoid karts darting across the track. I think it is really unneccesary to do it because I don't really think that it makes much difference, if any, to the tyre temperature."