Eddie satisfied with sprint.

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

A battered and bruised Eddie again failed to make the A final but said that he was more than happy with his performance in todays sprint race. Having raced in the endurance race yesterday, Eddie suffered massive bruises all across his back and cuts and blisters on his hands and was incredibly sore today.

Starting 17th in the first heat of the day, Eddie made a cracking start to get up to 7th by the end of the first lap. A lap later he was up to fourth but was then hit by a rather erratic rival and droped several places (although managing to keep it on the track. Eddie made up a few places in the last laps but was given a 2 place deduction for contact himself, eventually finishing 12th. The second and third heats were pretty uneventful, finishing 9th and fourth respectively, although Eddie did complain of top end problems in his last heat.

This put Eddie ninth on the grid for the B final. Making a cautious start after the problems in the first two races, Eddie drove steadily and regained some places. He was involved in a terrific 6 kart battle for most of the race, eventually getting th better of most of them but was again awarded a deduction for advantage by contact.

Despite the few setbacks, Eddie said he was satisfied with his personal performance. "Again, I think I was unlucky not to have qualified stratight into the A final. Had it not been for other peoples mistakes, I would have finished in the top 3 or four in my first heat. Had I not had a slight performance problem in my last heat I would have finished second or third rather than fourth. I have just got to look at how well I drove and I think I did a good job. This bad luck can't last for ever, I just have to keep my confidence."

On his two penalties, Eddie commented: "I was driving aggressively. I usually had the line but the drivers in question didn't give me room. I'm not blaming anyone because I admit to getting a little impatient stuck behind them. Still, I think it's better to be more aggressive than to be a pushover."

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