In demand!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has been invited back by Pete Finnis to do the endurance race at Clay Pigeon in May. Eddie made his debut for Racing Imperative at Bayford Meadows on Saturday, driving with Pete and Andrew Ure. The trio used the race as a test day for the sprint and finished 18th.

After the race, Pete asked Eddie whether he would be available to do the next race at Clay Pigeon in Dorset, which Eddie has agreed to do. "I really enjoyed the race at Bayford, despite the injuries I sustained. It gave me some good experience and I'd definately do more races with Pete!"

As well as racing at Clay for Racing Imperative, Eddie was also asked by Stephen Deuchar to race for his IMSD Racing outfit at the welsh round at Glan Y Gors. Stephen, who has been competing in the rookie championship so far, is entering the team in the intermediate championship for this round.

"I am really pleased to drive with Steve. I remember first speaking to him when he came for his first test at Bayford at the end of last season. He is obviously a good driver, having followed him for a while in one of my heats at Whilton Mill and again in the B final at Bayford. He is doing a great job in the championship at the moment."

Eddie was a little unsure after the race on Sunday whether Stephen would still want him, as he explained: “I hit him! After my cautious start I had to make up some places and got caught behind a gaggle of about five or six karts. It took me a long time to fight my way past and I was a little frustrated. I then made a much too aggressive move on Steve near the end and ruined his day. Still, I got a penalty for doing so. I went up and apologised to him after the race and, although obviously frustrated, showed that he is a true sportsman my accepting my apology. I am happy that he still wants me to race with him!”

Eddie will partner Stephen and Ian Wilson at the welsh circuit on the 28th June.