Eddie cuts corners

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Not in the way that got him disqualified from the A final at Lydd last year, but Eddie has said that he is going to have to cut costs slightly by reducing his racing schedule.

Originally, Eddie signed for a full season of sprint races and six test sessions. Having been invited by both Pete Finnis and Stephen Deuchar to do selected endurance races Eddie has had to cancel some tests, preferring to do the races which he sites as much better value for money.

Eddie is also in the process of buying a house, which has put more strain on his budget. He recently stated that he would not do the test at Lydd and was unlikely to do many more endurance races after Wales.

"I may do a couple of selected endurance races if the opportunity arises, but I simply cannot afford to do many more. Birmingham would definately be out and Buckmore as well. I will have to see hoe things go."

Eddie has denied that there is any risk of him pulling out of any sprint races and he is determined to do even more racing next season. "There is no serious problem, I'm not going bankrupt or anything. It is just while I'm trying to take out a mortgage, I have no idea what my budget limitations are. By next season I will be better off so I can maybe do more. There is no way I am giving up my racing that is for sure!"