Worst race of my life!

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has described the Clay Pigeon sprint race as being the worst of his life after a disappointing meeting saw him fail to even qualify for the B final. This came as a huge disappointment to the young driver who hoped to make his first A final of the season here.

The weekend got off to a slow start on Friday, with the endurance race being held in cold, wet, windy and foggy conditions. Eddie, who was again racing for Racing Imperative finished the two and a half hour event down in 15th place after a spin late in the race.

The sprint race on Sunday turned out to be a complete disaster. Eddie struggled with his kart in the first two qualifying heats, despite a fighting finish to sixth in his second, and then was hit from behind in his third when carving his way through the field from 15th on the grid. These poor performances put him in a lowly 7th for the C final!

Eddie was confident of a top 4 finish but again was the victim of an over-aggressive opponent, who pushed him wide going into turn 2. Things went from bad to worse when he tried pulling the gap back, with no less than 3 opponents causing him scares.

"It was unbelievable. The standard of driving in that C final was a complete joke! There were several occasions when I pulled along side somebody - had the inside line - and they banged wheels with me and pushed me onto the grass. There was one occasion going down towards Billy's Blind where some tosser nearly got me airborne, which could have caused a horrendous crash for me. I'm glad I don't know who it was because I'm not sure what my reaction would have been!"

Eddie left the circuit immediately after the race and has refused to comment any more about the meeting.