Moving on

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he has put the disappointment of the Clay Pigeon race behind him and is just concentrating on the rest of the season. Eddie has had a disasterous start to the 2003 season and his results have been well under pre-season expectations.

Since the last race, Edide's manager and dad has told his driver to stop pressuring himself and just enjoy the driving. "His problem is that he pushes himself too hard and sometimes expects too much of himself." his dad explained. "He continues to put himself down and focus on the negative aspects of a race weekend rather than focusing on the good points, and I think he has knocked his own confidence.

"He has proved time and again that he has the speed to compete with the top drivers - his performance in his third heat at Whilton is a classic example."

He also told Eddie to stop pressuring himself and just enjoy the racing. "Because he is setting himself these goals, I think he is pushing too hard, which is why he suffers in the heats. He maybe just needs to calm down a bit."