Eddie unfazed

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Eddie has said that he is not worried about losing his major backer this season and has said that it will not affect his continuation in the championship. It was publically announced last week that Eddie was losing backing from Frontmedia at the end of June and there was strong suggestion that it may affect his racing. Eddie has publically denied those rumours and has said that he will definately be racing next year.

"I am not really worried." were Eddie's comments. "Obviously I am sad to be parting company with Frontmedia because were are a good little team, but life goes on and I'm sure another solution will present itself."

It has been quite a difficult year so far for Eddie as there have been several issues on and off the track, but Eddie is determined not to let them get in the way. "I just have to keep focused. It would be all to easy for me to give up now and sit around feeling sorry for myself, but that will not solve anything. I have to just accept everything that has happened and move on. I really am not bothered by any of it, I'm a very philosophical person.