The Welsh Weekend

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

Taken out twice, one snapped throttle cable, one spin, one pole, one win, some fast laps and damaged ribs - that sums up Eddie's weekend in Wales.

The weekend started with the endurance race on Saturday. Eddie was racing with Stephen Deuchar's IMSD Racing outfit, who moved up from the rookie championship for this one event. Racing with Stephen and Ian Wilson, the trio qualified seventh on the grid on this exciting track. Eddie started the race but lost a few places at the start when the two drivers in front failed to see the flag drop at the start. On lap three he was taken out at the bottom chicane by a driver trying a stupid move. Eddie spent the next few laps making up lost ground and had closed on the pack in time for Stephen to take over.

Steve put in some fast and consistent lap times to start moving them up the field and Ian continued this good form in his stint and they continued to climb through the field. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful. Eddie enjoyed a fantastic slip-streaming battle with Simon Mace. The only real excitement came when the throttle cable snapped in Ian's final run. This dropped them back down to 17th place.

Sunday brought with it some nice weather. Eddie started third on the grid in his first heat but was taken out at the same place as the day before. A tenth place and a seventh put Eddie on pole position for the C final. This proved to be an easy flag to flag victory and allowed Eddie to qualify for the B final. Starting 25th, Eddie made up places at the start but subsequently got held up behind other karts for several laps. It took most of the race to get past the karts, by which time it was too late to make up any ground on the mid field. Eddie eventually finished 17th, although in great pain due to badly injured ribs. It is not known yet whether they are cracked or just badly bruised but it is though that his new seat insert may have been the cause.