Injury Concern

2013-12-09 09:17:19.2

There is growing concern over the condition of Eddie's ribs, which he injured over the race weekend at Glan Y Gors.

Eddie started to complain of pain in his ribs after his last stint in the endurance race on Saturday but deemed himself fit to compete in the sprint race the next day.

However,throughout the day Eddie admitted to being in growing discomfort and almost couldn't get out of his kart after the B final.

It is thought that his new seat insert might be the cause of the injury. Eddie finally bought a seat insert ironically to prevent injuries during a race. Eddie often ended a race meeting with bruises all across his back because he slid around in the seat som much. Eddie was surprised at how tight the seat was and how much heavier he was than in previous races.

It is though that the sides of the seat insert crushed his rubs. It is not yet known whether he has any cracked ribs or just severe bruising, although Eddie is said to be in a lot of pain.

Needless to say, Eddie has said that whatever it is, it will not prevent him from competing in any races this year.